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I’ve been fortunate enough throughout my life to have a few people that have loved me enough to carefully craft me hand-knitted/crocheted throws and blankets to keep me warm in the cold, cold world. These throws have been in an array of geometric patterns and typically are composed of the most “masculine” colors imaginable (maroons, beiges, army greens, and burnt umbers). I have outwardly gushed over the care, skill, time, and thoughtfulness required to produce these gifts but (if I can confess here) I have always felt a pang of resentment over having to haul around these bruise-colored mops of yarn.

In fact, they have generally caused me to have a broad dislike and general heebie-geebie regarding any embroidered or knitted blanket. All of that changed, however, when I ran across the amazing blog written by the talented, savvy folks at Purl Soho, purveyor of fine yarns and knitting supplies.  Their projects use bright, sophisticated color palettes and their styling for their photos takes traditionally “granny” crafts and makes them into chic pieces that can work in traditional or modern decors.


They make ME want to learn to knit or crochet or whatever the process that makes these things is called.  Okay… Okay… Maybe I need to do some research first.

ss_merino_blankets-600-11 pixie_dust_blanket_snowflake-600-1

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