So–I’m back after a long hiatus.  Let’s not make a big deal out of it.

You know what else is back?

Macrame’!  Who knew?

sally englund room divider


A few years ago on vacation at the Ace in Palms Springs, I ran across an installation by awesome macrame’ artist, Sally England.  To be totally honest–I wasn’t in Love (with a capital L) with the piece in Palm Springs but it was interesting enough that I wanted to know more about the artist.  So, I got a name from the kindly lady at reception and googled her and then I was in LOVE, glorious love, with Sally England’s work.

Basically, Sally takes macrame’ from being a kooky Bible camp medium and translates it into something modern and fresh.  There is lots of rad stuff on her website but my favorites are these very geometric, repetitive patterns.  So clean.  So crisp–yet handmade feeling.

sally england close up

I like to try to trace one rope with my eyes. Until, I go cross-eyed.

I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly to do with my super-fandom for this.   While I haven’t checked the prices of Ms. England’s stuff–I’m assuming that it is out of my budget at the moment.  Thus, I’ve dug up some online tutorials on knotting that make me think I might be able to DIY something.  The folks at A Beautiful Mess sure make it look easy in their tutorial.

macrame diy 2


7 Easy Steps that you repeat a few hundred times.

7 Easy Steps that you repeat a few hundred times.















Hmm… I’m sure it’s like anything else where it’s only scary when you get started.  I might just need to get my nerve up a little while longer before I tackle it.  Look at the potential payoff though!

sally englund ace

Well–hello there, you large scale wall-hanging beauty. Welcome to my imaginary future bedroom.



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