robert embricqs table

Shazam! Robert Van Embricqs’ Rising Table


Here’s how it all went down:

First, I stumbled across Robert van Embricqs’ “Rising Furniture” on Pinterest.  Then I quickly googled his work and proceeded to gasp.  Aloud. I literally even said, “Holy cow!” like I was watching a David Blaine Street Magic special.  This was all kind of awkward because I was riding on the Acela’s Quiet Car [cue the grupmpy businessman sighing and pointing to the Quiet Car sign across the aisle].

Anyhoo–this Van Embricqs is one serious design wizard and he is throwing out some hardcore woodworking magic.  His work is so smart it makes me feel like I should have studied harder in school.  I’ll shut up now and just show you the goods.

re chair collage

Smarty-pants, Robert Van Embricqs sitting in his amazing creation.

re chair photo

When you’re not using it–you can flatten it out. I think I’d like to see it with different portions stained different colors. Or perhaps a light wood sheet (birch) mixed with a dark wood sheet (walnut).

re chair drawing

re table drawing


See it all in action here on youtube.








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