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The easiest, least expensive way to make a high impact change in a room is paint– and if you want a dramatic impact—why not consider going half-sies on your wall color? This is such a great idea for stretching your decorating budget in a new house.

color split room

I’ve often spent the night in tiny office/guest rooms in friend’s and family’s new apartments/houses. You know the room; it’s a tiny square room with white walls that they can’t really afford to decorate– so they just store their old computer desk and their futon (or whatever they slept on when they were single) in there and call it a day.

paint divided room

What could be easier and cheaper to make a big difference in that room than a paint treatment like this? Let’s break down what it takes to get this look (assuming you already have white walls and can make a trip to IKEA for the accessories):

  • A couple gallons of paint ($60)
  • Painting equipment (pan, rollers, brush, tape, tarp) ($20)
  • Color coordinated sets [2] of curtain panels ($40)
  • Sewing machine (or seam tape) ($8)
  • White bedding (hopefully you have some—but let’s say $100 for IKEA/Overstock/BB+B sheets, duvet, and pillows)
  • Matching sconces ($40—IKEA)
  • Some sort of bedside tables ($20 IKEA Lack series)
  • 3 matching frames ($30)
  • Any photos that you want to print to frame
  • Bed (we’ll assume you have that)

That comes out to about $320 and a day of work to make a guest room that you’d be proud of. If you topped it off with a couple bottles of water and a black and white cookie wrapped in cellophane on the bedside table and your guests will think you’re Martha Stewart.

black & white cookie 11

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